Why should we hire Professionals interior designers for a home or flats

You have purchased your new apartment or independent home. So far, so good. Then what’s the next step? Sofas and upholstery? Does it end there? It does not. You need to do some Interior decoration, that would enhance the look or aesthetic value. Interior Décor is like writing lyrics to a beautiful composition. The question is, what is the amount we have left after purchasing the property. With that determined, it is time to do some beautiful interior décor.

The decision to make would probably be whether to do it on your own or hire a professional company to do it. It does sound good to hear that you can do it on your own, but that would be restricted to asking the Carpenter to fit in a few cupboards or attics. That is just a small part of décor and the natural element.

Let us weigh the option of hiring a professional to do it, and you would do it yourself.

1. The Time Factor:

The real question, you need to ask, ‘Do you have the time for it’? If you are an office going person/ or a businessman, how long can you abstain from going to it? Interior décor takes time, and you would end up losing money that should have come into your bank account at the month-end. Add that to the cost, and you know you have exceeded your budget!

2. The Money Factor:

Assuming that you manage the time factor somehow, you become entirely responsible for all the furniture that needs to be installed and the accessories, etc. Once you start visiting showrooms, the dining tables and Living room sofas look appealing to you. The problem arises when you install them at your new home, and you are disappointed that they do not fit in perfectly.

That’s the main reason you need to hire a Professional Decorator, who would know measurements more accurately. Yes, the truth is that you would have to pay his Fees. But compared to the wastage you may incur, this is a far better option. The adage “Penny wise Pound foolish” is the best advice here, if you express your inability to spend something extra, they would satisfy the requirements, given the budget constraints.

3.The ‘Contact’ Factor:

The professional Decorators would have much better hold on the showrooms and manufacturers since they deal with them day in day out. Therefore they would get the furniture or accessories at a better-discounted price than the quote you get. Apart from this, they would know the quality of the furniture as they visit many homes.

4. Artistic Approach:

You may choose individual items that may look good independently but would not jell when combined with the other fittings in the room. The professional Designer would know what colors would blend and enhance the looks. Otherwise, you would end up with a set of furniture, which would not complement each other.

5.Professionalism VS Amateurism:

All said and done, despite the fact you may possess specific artistic skills and tastes, it would not stand much of a chance against the powers of a Professional. They know better, as it is their routine every day. The result should be a professional than an amateurish one.

6. The “WOW” factor!

This is the proof in the pudding. If someone were to enter your home, they should gasp at the interior décor and ambiance and say nothing else except “wow.” The initial reaction says it all since the first reaction is the best. It is doubtful if you can manage to get such a compliment, in case you had done it on your own. Such chances are brighter with the professional around.

7. The Congestion Factor:

You may have a plan what goes where, but that need not increase your comfort level. Supposing you decide to fix the Dressing cabinet next to the bed, it may cause inconvenience. A professional would know better where to fit in what and increase the freedom to walk around your home. He would consider your views, but also would not allow crowding of everything in one place.


From the arguments placed above, one can quickly decide that hiring a professional designer is a far better choice than do the décor on their own. In case the project is a small one, doing it your way, it is a better idea.


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