Why are kitchen appliances more critical to the Modular Kitchen Design


One needs to understand what is meant by Modular Kitchen. Th simple definition is “A kitchen that can be easily installed, maintained and renovated or remodeled with ease.”In other words, these are kitchens that are designed in a way that suits your kitchen needs to let the workflow without any difficulty, which you may experience in a traditional or ordinary kitchen.

Generally, a modular kitchen design would consist of neatly laid out top, which would be in granite. It would have many sets of drawers that run along the bottom of the slab above, and there would be pulled out baskets inside. The trays are meant for other utensils, and these can be accommodated comfortably.

Next would be the pole, which leads to the Electric chimney, which would absorb the smoke. The overhead cabinets would run along with the same shape of the slab beneath, and a few may be covered with glass and the rest in wood. These should be placed in a height so that the person can easily reach it every time. Next would accommodate the dishwasher, which has to be necessarily near the water inlet pipe. The refrigerator can be placed in a corner where the power outlet is there, and there is ventilation. The water dispenser can be placed above the slab on a slot, which is screwed to the wall. Placing a couple of pots in two corners of the kitchen with some plant, which does not require sunshine all the time, would lend it an aesthetic look. This is the ideal outlay of a Modular kitchen, and all you have to do is to hire a turnkey interior contractor in Chennai

Advantages of a modular kitchen:

Design and build the kitchen on your own. You are the only person who is aware of those specific requirements, and it is only apt, you choose everything that ought to be on it. Sometimes you would be choosy about color too that would please you.

The big difference between a traditional kitchen and a Modular kitchen is the wastage of space. There is little one can do when it comes to a traditional kitchen, as you have to make the adjustments. The Modular Kitchen is different. There would hardly be any wastage of space, and one does not have to compromise on it.

Another reason why someone has agonizing moments with a traditional kitchen is that the work has to do on the site. And that is your kitchen. The carpenters and electricians would mess up the kitchen and probably build a wrong design too. It should also be remembered that they will charge you more than the original amount agreed upon. All this is ruled out, in the case of a Modular kitchen, where the parts are manufactured in a factory elsewhere and would be delivered to you. They would just fit in and screw it into place.

Modular kitchens can be easily dismantled and shifted to your new home, in case you have the plan to move. In traditional kitchens, you need to leave it as it is, and they may be demolished too.

Who would not prefer a clutter-free kitchen? Imagine all those spoons and utensils scattered on the kitchen slab since your design did not include enough drawers. In the case of a Modular kitchen, the space allocated is ample, and you can fit in more drawers to accommodate the extra utensils. The idea is to improve the storage, and there are many modular kitchen designers in Chennai.

The primary difference between a carpenter charging you for the kitchen and the modular kitchen is that the carpenter would charge per sq.ft. Which would prove to be expensive than a modular kitchen? Therefore it is better to consult a few residential interior designers in Chennai.

It would help if you chose a layout that can be U or L shaped since everything you require would be kept handy. It should support ergonomics and should usher in that extra space.

The above are the reasons why you should have a Modular Kitchen.

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