Interior design Cost estimating Guide in Chennai

You have purchased a new home. The next step is to install the furniture and fittings, paint, etc. The Million dollar question is, “how much does it cost’?

The first step would be to find the ideal interior designer, who will give you the best services at the lowest possible cost. It is imperative to determine the entire cost, by getting a cost estimation. Here are the following costs while building up the estimate of the total project cost.

Step 1.


• Do the Residential Interior designers in Chennai charge on an hourly basis, or is it a flat rate? Many of the designers charge a flat rate after totaling the entire cost of the project. This cost has to be first ascertained, and then the rest of the work can follow. Therefore, if the cost of the flat is 30 Lakhs, then the budget for the interior decoration should not exceed Rs. 3 Lakhs(10%).

The interior decorator at Chennai would charge you Rs.30000/- which is again ten percent of the project. This may seem like a good deal since work would go on faster, as the best interior designers in Chennai would wish to save time. If we pay him on an hourly basis, there may be time wasted deliberately, and your charges will go up. Whatever is the decision taken, it is best to know the cost of hiring a turnkey Interior designer in Chennai.

Step 2.

Furniture & Fittings:

A. Wardrobes: The cost of installation of closets in a 1000 Sq. Ft would be 12.5 % of the project cost. Ideally, if three lakhs is the cost of the entire project. Then the cost of two wardrobes would be Rs.37500/- maximum.

B. Interiors: The cost of Interior decoration (not furniture or fittings) would be Rs.900 /-per sq. Ft. The total cost may be approximately rs. 90000/-

C. Kitchen: This is one vital part of the house, and the lady of the house would spare no expense in setting the kitchen as conveniently as possible. The interior decorator would tend to charge close to Rs. 2000 /-per Sq. Ft.The kitchen would be 300 ft on an average, and thus your cost could be Rs. 60000/-

D. Double Seater Sofa:

The sofa livens up the living room. It is one place that everybody in the family would like to spend maximum time. Therefore, the sofa should be chosen with a long term view. The best option would be to buy a high quality one, which may cost nearly Rs.15000/- Installing a Triple seater sofa, is not advisable for a house with a carpet area of 1000 FT.

A double bed, with a length of 6 Feet, would cost at least rs. 15000/-. The other accompaniments of side tables on either side of the bed would cost rs. 5000 at least.

We come to the end of the topic, with all the items covered. Except for the ceiling fans. You would require four fans at last, and a good quality fan would cost rs.4000/-. This makes the total cost Rs. 16000/-


The above justifies , the hiring of a professional Interior designer . The Budget would certainly go up by nearly 60 percent in case it is triple BHK.


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