How to turn your Normal Kitchen into Modular Kitchen Design

The kitchen is a special piece of each house and a spot where a great deal of time is spent. Like this, it ought to be intended for comfort and usefulness. Aside from this, an ever-increasing number of individuals are going through cash to guarantee that it’s tasteful, a la mode, and contemporary. A secluded kitchen consolidates every one of these angles.

Today the widespread talk about the kitchen in every home is about how it looks and whether it is a modular kitchen design. Nowadays, new kitchens are work this way. Is it conceivable to change your old kitchen as a measured kitchen, which is worked before 10 to 15 years? Yes, it’s possible; there are some essential things to know before planning your kitchen change. In this article, I am going to explain shortly about the modular kitchen.

Most builder apartments come with conventional kitchens that have a cement platform finished with a marble or granite slab and a fixed sink. In such a scenario, one has the option to completely dismantle the existing kitchen countertop and go fully-modular or fabricate the kitchen around the existing countertop. This can be done by getting the kitchen carpentered at the site or opting for semi-modular kitchen cabinetry, which is prefabricated in factories and tailor-made to the dimensions of the existing kitchen.

If you plan to retain the existing counter top of a new kitchen or want to renovate your old one with modular cabinetry, here is a guide on how to go about it.

1. Plan the layout

Smart planning can create a well-organized and clutter-free kitchen. Make sure that the design fits your convenience and brings efficiency in your working process. It is essential to detach the positions of the drawers, cabinets, hob, microwave, RO filter, and other gadgets and electrical points as per your requirements before bringing in a modular furniture interior design contractor.

Note that a built-in hob or cook top cannot be installed in a semi-modular kitchen as it is not advisable to make a cut-out within the existing stone counter top.

2. Customize the cabinet sizes

The most significant advantage of a semi-modular kitchen is that it can be customized at the module level and tailor-made to suit all spaces and corners. Consider creating different-sized cabinets and sectional drawers for your utensils such as cooking spoons, cutlery, crockery, and the rest.

Note: An existing kitchen counter top comprises of vertical supports in brick or concrete, which can be camouflaged by laminate paneling.

3. Introduce modular accessories

Create smart spaces by installing modular accessories like wire drawers, adjustable shelves, pullout cabinets, and bin holders. Make sure to convert the inaccessible end corners into functional areas with attachments like corner carousels. These accessories are fitted onto the cabinets and drawer units to create for cutlery trays, utensils, bottles, spices, vegetables, and garbage holders.

Tip: If space permits, introduce a tall unit. This is a good way to create a pantry that provides easy access to cooking supplies.

4.Install modular shelves

Add modular shelves and wall accessories that can give you quick access to the kitchen essentials. Additionally, fix small shelves for spices and other ingredients that are used most often while cooking. Also, one can effectively use the space between the counter and overhead cabinets by fixing wall accessories for hanging spoons, spatulas, tongs, and other utility items.

5.Install a chimney

A semi-modular kitchen is incomplete without a fireplace, as it prevents the accumulation of grime on the cabinets and tiles, and maintains the freshness of the kitchen. It is a perfect way to bring in a sleek modern look. Chimneys can be primarily categorized as ducted and ductless (or recycling) chimneys. They are available as wall-mounted, built-in, or island chimneys.

6. Pick an appealing color scheme

Effective space management, along with quick and easy installation, has made semi-modular kitchen designs a popular choice over conventionally carpentered kitchens.

Another way to make the semi-modular kitchen stand out is by introducing an exciting color scheme. You can fabricate the cabinetry with monochrome or multicolored laminates to add vibrancy within the kitchen space. Consider using attractive tiles for the back splash, as in this example. I love the way it teams with the brown-and-white kitchen cabinets and takes the kitchen decor to a different level. Best way for hiring an best modular kitchen designers in Chennai is to look at their quality of work.

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