How Much Does Interior Design Cost?

The newly constructed apartment or an office would be never shining without the interior design. Interior Décor elevates the aesthetic look of an apartment, or an independent house and perhaps an office building. The guests or the clients are not the only ones who are going to admire the taste in which the interiors are done but it starts with you and the family members who are going to live or work in it. Ideally, the décor should not only enhance the beauty but should also be of some use in your daily life.

There are many top interior design companies in Chennai which would cater to your need. The most important criteria are the cost of the whole project as these are add-on’s to the newly purchased property and the budget may not be optimum for the last part which is Interior décor. Therefore it is imperative to decide on what is the cost factor, before progressing on the project. The following steps may lend clarity, through which you can arrive at the ideal cost.

We start with the interior decor of Residential apartments or Independent houses.

1. An Apartment can be 1 BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK. This can be in a Gated community or one of the flats in a standalone building. But this hardly makes a difference as the quest is to create an aesthetic looking interior. The Interior decorators would generally charge per square feet. Let us take the example of a 2 BHK apartment. These would have a spacious living hall, a master bedroom, and an additional bedroom with lower dimensions. The Kitchen could be a standardized one. Now, these 4 are the ones to be taken care of first, and what would be left are the bathroom fittings and tiles.

2. With the idea in place, you can request the Interior decorator, for a 3 D display over the computer and the plan would be changed on the system to suit your requirements. Once this is done, the color combinations would be discussed and you should be aware that every enhancement would cost you more money. Now, you can view the completed plan and ask for the cost estimates, which may have undergone a change. The revised estimate does not take much time, and if you are pleased with it, you can ask them to proceed by giving a 10% advance. Ideally in Chennai, the average prices are as found below, in the case of residences. Let us take for example an 1100 sq. ft apartment.


It is advisable to extract a list of Interior designers in Chennai and shortlist them to arrive at a few, after analyzing your Cost-benefit. Also, it would be wise to inspect a few projects they have completed or work is going on site.


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